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A few more strokes brought me to a point where my feet touched the floor, and soon thereafter I was above the water level entirely, and racing like mad along the corridor searching for the first doorway that would lead me to Issus.
His magnanimity took me by the throat; without a word I led him to the one window looking inward upon sloping slates and level leads.
The errors that have poisoned my life would have lain lightly on many a conscience, but we in the South have a religious faith that leads us to believe in a future life, and in the truths set forth by the Catholic Church.
When they contact the lead, they have the opportunity to make an impression, mention the lead source, talk about their backgrounds and find something in common.
Because the concentration measurements indicated that this contamination was not naturally derived, we analyzed other materials for lead concentrations and lead isotopic composition to determine possible sources of the increase in lead in cocoa products.
It's far more revealing to look at the amount of lead in your bones.
The word "plumbing" comes from the Latin word for lead, or plumbum, which also gave lead its atomic symbol, Pb.
These initiatives will regulate or restrict the use of lead or impose additional requirements when lead is used in products.
Recent headlines have pointed to lead as a problem in some imported toys and furniture, but the real problem remains lead in paint.
Anyone can get lead poisoning; however, the risk to children under seven years old is the highest.
The chemical analysis consists of measuring seven trace elements--arsenic, antimony, tin, copper, bismuth, silver, and cadmium-that typically are present in a bullet's lead alloy.