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ECG was taken to look for P wave morphology and P was amplitude in lead II, III and aVF and also for P wave axis, R wave amplitude in chest leads from V1 to V6 and RBBB.
5] HR was calculated from RR interval by continuous recording of lead II on ECG machine (Cardiofax Medicaid Ambala).
Approximately 15 minutes after induction, pronounced ST elevation >2 mm was noticed on the anaesthetic monitor through Lead II and confirmed in CM5.
The lead II ECG signals were used for data analysis in two successive 5 minutes before and after the stimulus.
Standard lead II ECG was recorded when the rats were confirmed diabetes and 12 h after coronary artery ligation on a data acquisition BL-420 system (Chengdu THE Technology Co.
Three years after the bombs fell; and it seems that Gaza will remain on the back-burner for a while; largely absent from our TV sets and daily dose of news bites, until perhaps Cast Lead II.
On the verge of Cast Lead II, a look back A harrowing experience.
The star handed over a red Fender Lead II and up it went on the wall.
Meanwhile, some Israelis are talking about when Operation Cast Lead II will begin.
The water samples were reacted with sodium sulfide (Na2S) to produce lead II sulfide (PbS) if lead was present in the water.
For Group II patients, this is an O2 saturation of 89% or an arterial pO2 between 56-59 torr as long as they also have a secondary diagnosis of either pedal edema, polycythemia, a history of CHF or "p pulmonale" (an elevated p wave > 3 mm in lead II, III or AVF that is associated with cor pulmonale).
Auxiliary examinations showed that electrocardiogram (ECG) was sinus rhythm and no deviated cardiac electric axis; the heart rate was 57 beats/min; lead II, III, aVF and V3-V6 had abnormal Q waves and no flat or invert T waves.