lead astray

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AHEAD OF THE CURVE: That the neoconservative National Review or Heritage Foundation would grumble about Bush's conservative apostasy shows just how far to the left the administration has tilted--or how transparent that apostasy has become among the grass-roots conservatives the Establishment neoconservative network wants to lead astray. Until recently, of course, no discord could be heard from the neoconservative chorus that trumpeted Bush's supposed conservatism.
Jesus had some powerful things to say about children and other "little ones." The gospels tell us that Jesus not only welcomed and blessed children, but also that children were signs of how we are to receive the kingdom of God, signs of our brothers and sisters in faith whom we are not to lead astray, signs of the power of being the least.
* Size Matters: works for the Arts Council Collection, ceramics by Loretta Braganza and Lead Astray, an exhibition of lead sculptures by Richard Deacon and Bill Woodrow - from March 19 to June 5 next year.