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said a company integrating their lead frame businesses, SH Materials Co.
Poor solderability of the edge termination is typically caused by the lack of a protective coating like tin on the surface of the copper lead frame or resin smearing during component singulation.
AOT), the Hon Hai Group's LED venture, likely seeing its capacity utilization for LED lead frames surging to 100% the next quarter from the current 70%.
Amkor expects to generate additional manufacturing efficiencies of its MicroLeadFrame(R) packages by optimizing production lead frame strip densities.
A recent breakthrough in vectorless test technology reduces test dependency on lead frames, enabling reliable measurements of ultra small geometry packages, flip chips, devices with minimal or no lead frames and devices under heat spreaders.
The lead frame with an embedded IC chip and using a high precision plating format developed by DNP completed U.
Computer-controlled sequencing, developed by Sadaplast, uses a fiber-optic "electric eye" to search and scan a continuous lead frame just ahead of the system's eight-cavity mold.
the largest LED (light emitting diode) lead frame supplier globally, has landed a big contract order from Samsung for such products used in LED-backlit LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs, according to the firm.
para]]Market Research Report on Lead frame Industry providing Global and Chinese Market Scenario for 5 years (2014 to 2019) is now available under the electronic components section of RnRMarketResearch.
Now that companies are realizing that RoHS compliance is much more than a simple "yes/no" check-box, they are turning to PartMiner's data and services to identify material content, weights and usage, RoHS compliance certificates, lead frame finishes, and other manufacturability data.