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The hybrid structure is created by combining the plastic housing with the lead frame.
Caution must be exercised as to the current that the lead frame must handle.
1 manufacturer of LED (light emitting diode) lead frames, operating 19 production lines.
DNP has established a technology which leaves only the necessary circuit portion of the lead frame, removes the plate mounting for the IC chip, and in cases where it is structurally necessary, etches the lead frame portionused for mounting the IC chip into a concave shape, into which the IC chip is then embedded.
Computer-controlled sequencing, developed by Sadaplast, uses a fiber-optic "electric eye" to search and scan a continuous lead frame just ahead of the system's eight-cavity mold.
the largest LED (light emitting diode) lead frame supplier globally, has landed a big contract order from Samsung for such products used in LED-backlit LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs, according to the firm.
d = distance between lead frame and fixture-mounted sensor plate.
The equipment for the standard package and COB methods of die attach are quite similar, having the capabilities to dispense or print the die attach adhesive and to place the face-up die onto the lead frame or board.
The devices are constructed with a precise lead frame assembly to accomplish the accurate PLCC package emulation.
The ASMT-FG10 incorporates an encapsulated LED chip on an axial lead frame to form a molded epoxy lamp package with six bended leads for surface mounting.