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Their lead item began: "Scotland coach Vern Cotter can scrap plans for the team talk before the game with Australia.
After all it's been the lead item on the news all day.
This week's lead item, for example, reveals that the world record for the largest collection of Beatles memorabilia is held by a museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
WHY is it that when England's cricket team win the Ashes it is the lead item on the news, yet when they are skelped by Ireland at the World Cup it barely gets a mention at the end of the bulletin?
Jon Snow endorsed the value of going to university and his interview, filmed outside the university, was the lead item in UUK's national publicity this week.
Hills PR wizard Graham Sharpe claims Who Shot JR put novelty betting on the map - it was lead item on News At 10 that night, unless I was dreaming - and while Who Shot Archie does not have quite the same pulling power (I can't find Walford on the map anywhere), it is expected to lure punters into gambling an estimated pounds 1million.
The lead item in the latest ABB newsletter, penned as a farewell thought from William Hill-bound senior , regulation cannot be allowed to be used as a lever against us to try to bleed us dry.
I wish to add two points to the lead item featured in OT, November 28, page 14.
WHEN John Sergeant 's decision to pull out of Strictly Come Dancing becomes lead item on the 10 o'clock news it confirms the world has gone completely mad.
Here is the lead item on the website: "Lie: On May 30th, Rush Limbaugh (the right wing talk radio host) said he heard a rumour a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word "whitey" speaking from the pulpit.
The story was the lead item on each of our Wales Today bulletins throughout the day as well as a main story on our Welsh-language news service Newyddion.
E-MAILBOX: From reader Michael Westmore regarding a Wineline column lead item on Napa cabernet ports: ``Recently in Temecula (Calif.