lead one to

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The fish is held by the tail, and the head being introduced into the mouth, the animal disappears with a rapidity that would at first nearly lead one to imagine it had been launched bodily down the throat.
The name of Coningsburgh, by which this castle goes in the old editions of the Britannia, would lead one to suppose it the residence of the Saxon kings.
There have been circumstances in the Caswall family which lead one to believe that they have had from the earliest times some extraordinary mesmeric or hypnotic faculty.
"But the fact is, that finding them here would lead one to suppose that we can't be far from a more fertile country."
Thou canst not be the fair Luscinda's because thou art mine, nor can she be thine because she is Cardenio's; and it will be easier, remember, to bend thy will to love one who adores thee, than to lead one to love thee who abhors thee now.
Its banks, and those of the brook are respectably adorned with blooming oleanders, but the unutterable beauty of the spot will not throw a well- balanced man into convulsions, as the Syrian books of travel would lead one to suppose.
Nothing now in Mrs Verloc's appearance could lead one to suppose that she was capable of a passionate demonstration.
Despite superficial and temporary signs which might lead one to entertain a contrary opinion, there was never a time when I felt more hopeful for the race than I do at the present.
However, this does lead one to question: if the KWSB has enough water to give via bowser why can we not just get water in the supply lines?
With the instant ability to scour the planet's media, you surf upon quite a variety of news headlines that would lead one to believe that in headlines that would lead one to believe that we have a lot more to fear than underinflation.
A cursory view of the entity structure might lead one to believe that the entity in the example can be treated as a partnership because it has two legal owners.
However his suggestion that he could have staged a concert to raise money for an Aids organisation as part of his sentence would lead one to think he protesteth too much.