lead one to expect

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In many cases, citizens assessments of economic and income expectations as well as the propensity to buy was more negative than the domestic framework numbers would lead one to expect.
That result would lead one to expect that pesticide news should prompt mothers to most vigilantly guard against pesticide exposures.
Turkey's latitude would lead one to expect a broadly temperate or Mediterranean climate.
While a collection of essays by former students and colleagues of Chambers might lead one to expect a pacifist bent, that isn't the case.
Even people whose station in life or known qualifications lead one to expect a higher degree of thinking from them, can demonstrate what one might call "dis-enlightenment" once they begin to participate in a debate on the Internet.
Anecdotal evidence alone might lead one to expect good leaders to outperform those whose leadership competencies are poorly developed.
The title, Yeats in Context, is, like many titles, inadequate, since it hardly gives any idea of the extraordinary range of topics covered, and might lead one to expect only the kind of treatments of 'Yeats and the Irish Theatre' or 'Yeats and Symbolism' of which we have many examples already.
The book is not a systematic examination of history's natural experiments, as the title might lead one to expect, and, annoyingly, it lacks an index.
Coming as it does out of a fairly particular historical context--glossed in an introductory note written by the show's curator, Larissa Harris, and fleshed out at (great) length in a kind of accompanying "textbook" by the artist team Dexter Sinister--the title might well lead one to expect a consideration of contemporary practice routed through Progressive-style critiques pertaining to corruption and equality.
A cursory review would lead one to expect an inverse relationship, as machines replaced horses and moved "horse power" to the periphery of the industrializing state.
Thus Klausner's edition seems to me to aspire to do even more than the modest TEAMS brief would lead one to expect, and to facilitate, at least in this particular respect, both elementary and advanced readerships of these texts.
Could it be that having one would lead one to expect to see the other?