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He chose these eleven poems out of Hall's vast legacy and managed to create what Hall himself called "a kind of wholeness all its own." The subtitle of the disk is "Songs of Love and Loss after 60," and those words might lead one to expect an unremitting slog through grief and despair.
Such journalistic broadsides might lead one to expect that her novels would be equally polemical, but the longlisting of her third novel for the Man Booker prize in 2015 drew the world's attention to a singular novelist capable of combining a no-holds barred analysis of India's sexual hypocrisies with a delicate social comedy involving three elderly women on a temple pilgrimage.
Don't be misled by the provocative title and subtitle, which might lead one to expect in these pages a back-to-the-future, Diane Ravitch-like defense of the education status quo--and which likely account for the book's fawning jacket blurbs by Jonathan Kozol and by Lily Eskelsen Garcia of the National Education Association, among others.
That isn't nearly as far below Raqqa's figures as the conflicts' relative durations might lead one to expect. But that simplistic conclusion ignores two crucial factors.
This might lead one to expect a miniature economic downturn in the lead-up to an election tally, when the future of American politics is all but certain.
The gasoline engines perform better on some of the drive cycles than their thermal efficiency would lead one to expect. As a quality control measure, the cycle work was calculated for each engine operating over all of the drive cycles.
Whilst the title might lead one to expect that the various sections of the book would examine each of the four elements of a quadruple helix, the chapters are instead grouped together into five very different sections internally: innovative capacity, financing, human capital, knowledge management and environmental sustainability.
In many cases, citizens assessments of economic and income expectations as well as the propensity to buy was more negative than the domestic framework numbers would lead one to expect. However in other countries, facts such as economic growth and unemployment remained in the foreground, and thus were responsible for impacting individual indicators.
This was one reason the Catholic Church was not as supportive of the Philippine Magna Carta of Women, a cornerstone law for gender equality, as its recent rhetoric on women's rights might lead one to expect.
Turkey's latitude would lead one to expect a broadly temperate or Mediterranean climate.
The thematic approach of the book is, however, rather eclectic and it is not the comprehensive survey that the title might lead one to expect of 'India in Britain' from 1858 to 1950.
Horizon is a much better book than the debut novel would lead one to expect. Igniting most of the adventures are the various conflicts the friends face separately, even as their struggles are woven together throughout the novel.