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BROKEN PROMISES I cannot subscribe any more To this futility known as war No long-term benefits And nothing so befits The death and destruction wrought to my door Political leaders fight tooth and nail for their job Which usually turns out to be corn on the cob They blame all except themselves Myth, legend and the under twelves The buck they pass so fast in one they rob Please don't ask me for a contribution I can see through your elocution And your well rehearsed lies But I can't see the flies Through their footprint is on your constitution Love is like a warm spring day Promises, promises up and away But, of course, the recent stamp Has made spring-time rather damp Overcast with outlook so leaden grey Jock Brownlee Wood End Coventry
THE team of Chris Leaden, Andre Williams, Adam Poth and Patrick Leslie won a special Irish-themed event at the Royal Golf Club, held in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day.
are Hollie Meehan, Ivy Wells-Brandy, all aged three, Max Farrell , four, and Rosie Leaden, three.
Leaden Bullet lacks suspense, its action is punch drunk, its plot nonsensical and dialogue unintentionally funny.
Huw Rossiter, David Brooksbank, Rev Robin Morrison, Brig Phillip Napier Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Lyn Sheehy, Angie Dutton, Olwen Moseley, Jason Gill Derek Harvey, Andrew Forbes, Claire Carro, Ciaran Leaden, Neil Dawkins Ali Anwar, Liam Giles, Paul Gorin, Gregg Warren Prof Brian Morgan, Graeme Leach, Allan Griffiths, Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Alastair Milburn
Thinning air causes catharsis at 5000 meters I strain to lift and stretch leaden legs to stand on a huge spinning stone as searing pain grips my groin I lose control of my gut Promontories dance in purple haze pole
Rain that varied in degree throughout the day, leaden skies and cool temperatures blighted the two 90-minute practice sessions.
The British delegation was headed by headed by former ambassador & Foreign Secretary Anthony Leaden and Chief Anti-terrorists Department Paul Morrison.
but here glistened by the leaden leg-widened window
with leaden feet urging wings and feathers to shake off the rubble
But there was little blue sky to cheer Hamilton, predominantly in the first practice session ahead of tomorrow's Belgian Grand Prix as it was run under heavy rain and leaden skies.
After the 0-0 draw with Uruguay, he railed: "Someone said that Anelka had leaden feet.