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His inability to keep a shirt on for more than two consecutive scenes has become a standing joke, and here he is again flexing his acting abs in this leadenly unfunny, unexciting adventure comedy.
Crushingly dull and mirthless, leadenly directed and featuring several tedious to camera cameos by Jarvis Cocker as himself, if nothing else it will send you to sleep.
Crowe's are generally far less graceful, frequently involving painful slapstick or leadenly delivered quips.
The Art of Breaking Up (15) Screechingly manic and leadenly unfunny French sex farce involving goldigging suitors, opera divas and the usual bag of deceptions and misunderstandings.
Leadenly unfunny, lacking wit, charm or believable - let alone sympathetic - characters, it additionally irritates, given its own limitations, with its sanctimonious lecture on the emptiness of celebrity culture.
But too much (especially scenes involving has been celebs Scott Baio from Happy Days and washed up talk show host Craig Kilborn) just falls leadenly flat.
Having allowed four rather than the usual two years between episodes in order to allow the smell of the abysmal Star Trek: Insurrection to dissipate, this time round Jonathan Frakes has been relieved of directorial duties for what is rumoured to be the last of the Next Generation series - his leadenly workmanlike touch replaced by Stuart Baird.