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Everyone here is either leadenly earnest or over-the-top, frequently veering awkwardly between the two points.
The use of Noh conventions in movement seemed to render the fantastical world encompassed by the opera (and brilliantly by the music) more leadenly earthbound than magical.
Some objects were dripping lazily, leadenly, and others gleamed dully, like the eyes of a dead fish.
The New Oxford Book of English Prose, the same size as The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations and The Oxford Companion to English Literature, gives the more leadenly feeling of a tome.
Similarly, rearranging the text in the final scene so that Lady Capulet is given the last line (originally Capulet's) "Husband, look how our daughter bleeds," falls leadenly in the wake of the Prince's final rhymed couplet, and does little to mitigate the fact that the fascist ruler facilitates a reconciliation between the warring factions.
Thus, he refers to "the gradual accretion of sediment" in the tape part of Time and Motion Study II (program text for the Donaueschingen premiere); of the Second String Quartet he says "The surface is very much the sediment of those already disappeared processes which have leadenly disappeared below the surface" (Ferneyhough 1985b, 13), and in more general terms he says "For me, a piece of music tends to grow like a coral reef, accumulating or sedimenting the remains of many small animalculae" (Ferneyhough 1990, 20).
Cocteau is left bereft, leadenly walking through steps which had been graceful a moment before.
So doing, he produces a truly mercurial Hymn to Mercury, a work which leaves even counterparts like George Chapman's 1624 translation in heroic couplets trailing leadenly behind.
Still lifes by artists such as Caravaggio, Juan Sanchez Cotan, Alberto Giacometti, and some Cubist prototypes are leadenly copied with a heavy handed and bothersome lack of pictorial sensitivity to their sources.
Grown Ups (12A) Leadenly unfunny Adam Sandler comedy as, 30 years after junior high, five friends, reunited for a funeral, spend the weekend learning home truths.
Pic boasts a radiantly natural perf by Ana Claudia Talancon ("The Crime of Father Amaro") but is leadenly scripted and blandly overliteral and therefore never capitalizes on the provocativeness of its premise.