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Claiming that local Congress leaders in the state of Madhya Pradesh are often seen projecting themselves as chief ministerial candidate, Singh pointed out that it only reflected that the Congress is leaderless and lacks command structure.
It is this total unresponsiveness to the needs of the people that has led to the claim that Lyari has, since 2013, been essentially leaderless.The people of Lyari will never forget the days when every street was awash in blood and young people lay dying while law enforcers stood by and did nothing.
A leaderless PML-N is on cruise control and unable to take any executive decisions until that crisis is resolved.
The country is leaderless, rudderless and rapidly becoming internationally irrelevant to all those not openly laughing at it.
RUDDERLESS and almost leaderless is the generous description of the Conservative Government heading into Brexit negotiations.
the tribes all leaderless, the culture splintered like a bridge.
Lady Boothroyd, who sits in the Lords as a Crossbencher, said in a speech: "We have a leaderless and divided opposition who are the despair of those who expect better of the Labour Party."
Hooda said the agitation was leaderless as claimed by the DGP, but here, the government was leaderless which manifested in the failure of government machinery.
Lee states he sees a "leaderless" dressing room at Newcastle right now, something he argues has been brought about by their unwillingness to recruit experienced players.
The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations
Experts credit the success of various revolts and protests during the past three years to a leaderless revolution that governments were unable to predict or to stop.