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My friend," said Gondy, "you seem to be a clever and a thoughtful man; are you disposed to take a part in a little civil war, should we have one, and put at the command of the leader, should we find one, your personal influence and the influence you have acquired over your comrades?
It was not in the nature of the Frenchman to disappoint expectations so confidently formed; although he cat looking down the precipice which fronted him, as Richard turned his leaders into the quarry, with a pair of eyes that stood out like those of lobsters.
The warrior who had galloped past the camp was the leader of the party hastening home to give tidings of his victory.
The Pack closed up round the tree-trunk and the leader bayed savagely, calling Mowgli a tree-ape.
The leaders, these historians tell us, express the will of the people: the activity of the leaders represents the activity of the people.
The she-wolf, the young leader on her left, and the one-eyed elder on her right, led their half of the pack down to the Mackenzie River and across into the lake country to the east.
A secret meeting of the Western leaders was held in our four tiny rooms in Pell Street.
46: Her Hippostratus (did wed), a scion of Ares, the splendid son of Phyetes, of the line of Amarynces, leader of the Epeians.
The lions are never IN trouble--they only MAKE trouble," said the Leader, turning up his nose.
And then, and then, they gave me nuts and pleasant things to eat, and they--they carried me in their arms up to the top of the trees and said I was their blood brother except that I had no tail, and should be their leader some day.
One glance at the leader and Rob knew at once that he had found an enemy.
asked one who appeared to be the leader of the party.