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Gandhi, George Washington and Winston Churchill, whose selfless service to humanity give their leadership style the stamp of trust, transformation, motivation, morality, legitimacy, social capital and "the enlarged enterprise" (p.
Leadership is rewarding a Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, Coast Guardsman, or Civilian with the appropriate recognition immediately after exceptional service.
Leadership is a general who knows the friendly and enemy situation, knows the immediate action sequence for the M16 rifle, knows his driver's first name and family, and can recite the Lord's Prayer.
Consequently, formal influencing (downward) and informal influencing (upward) together encompass the leadership relationship between leaders and followers.
The primary entry point for altering the feeling tone (trust) lies with the leadership.
For example, leadership shown in a community policing project or the development of a new public safety program merits special recognition in annual performance appraisals.
Professional school counselor advocates have encouraged school counselors to assume leadership roles in schools and to network in order to increase support bases (Herr, 2002; Schwallie-Giddis, ter Maat, & Pak, 2003; Shoffner & Williamson, 2000; Stone & Clark, 2001).
Approximately 200 employees have graduated from the program since its inception, and today those employees hold leadership positions throughout the Navy.
Attending a UCLA Leadership Institute is a career-enhancing opportunity unlike any other.
Upon completion of the Youth Leadership Camp--continued and/or increased participation in 4-H programs by the program participants.

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