leadership power

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As companies continue to transform into an interconnected, interdependent, global workplace, leadership power and influence is an essential skill.
We're ready to help focus our clients' leadership power and potential.
And gradually he has given a lot of us the management and leadership power to a few key guys within the team.
The only physician who held leadership power directly was the chief medical officer, who was appointed by the CEO.
Later, due to leadership power struggles among the Ba'thists in Syria, Aflaq moved to Iraq, where he retained his position as head of its pan-Arab wing.
Either way, one person would have leadership power and their post protected for four years.
The first three books in the series are entitled Leadership Power Plays, Marketing Power Plays and Strategy Power Plays.
BIRMINGHAM MP Richard Burden led a rebellion against controversial new Labour Party rules giving the leadership power to suspend rebels.
Simpson, a leading member of the left-wing Campaign group of MPs, said: 'Tony Blair's call for an orderly transition of leadership power is a plea for a change of leader without a change of direction'There will be no orderly succession in the leadership.
You're seeing bits of the future here in how the leadership power centers of media are shifting,' said Mike McGuire, an analyst with research firm GartnerG2.
Disconnecting the leadership power from its theological roots would require papal intervention.

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