leading case

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Leading Case

An important judicial decision that is frequently regarded as having settled or determined the law upon all points involved in such controversies and thereby serves as a guide for subsequent decisions.

brown v. board of education of topeka, kansas, 347 U.S. 483, 74 S.Ct. 686, 98 L. Ed. 873 (1954), which declared racial Segregation in public schools to be in violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, is an example of a leading case.

leading case

noun case dispositive on a salient point, case which is dispositive of an issue, decisive case in point, greatest precedence, highest case in a circuit, highest case of precedence, milestone, most critical case in a subject area, most major case in point, number one case in the area

LEADING CASE. A case decided by a court in the last resort, which settles a particular point or question; the principles upon which it is decided are to be followed in future cases, which are similar to it. Collections of such cases have been made, with commentaries upon them by White, by Wallace and Hare, and others.

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To a large extent modern legal education is still based on this premise, but a different approach to leading cases emerged in the late 20th century.
There has not been a case directly on point with a click-wrap, but several courts have considered the situation and they seem to be applying the fundamentals of the leading case which considered a shrink-wrap agreement.
In one leading case, for instance, a bank failed to execute a $27,000 payment order and was sued for $2.
Perhaps the leading case in this area is Oberman Mfg.
More than one hundred years ago in the leading case on brokerage law, the highest Court in New York stated that such a termination is improper:
In addition, ATA/Smith may be of doubtful durability as a leading case since it included no real majority opinion.
The ICM Tool is compatible with leading case and data management systems around the world.