leading nowhere

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I stumble on, I know not how nor care, for the way seems leading nowhere, and there is no light to guide.
It didn't lead anywhere back then and it is leading nowhere now.
The German Scholar Frederic Christian Bolhmer said one deed done earnestly was far better than wasteful whirlpool of stray thoughts emanating from nothing and leading nowhere.
Coupled with the plethora of white lines, yellow lines and arrows leading nowhere painted on the road, and with the numerous lamp posts, sign boards, traffic light poles and the like, motorists are faced with absorbing a vast amount of information and making a split second decision.
Meshkov said WednesdayAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA that Turkey's "double standards" in figh the Sunni militant group were leading nowhere.
BRUSSELS, Dec 12 (KUNA) -- Members of the European Parliament on Wednesday criticised the summits with which EU leaders are attempting to build economic and monetary union, saying that it was leading nowhere.
It's funny when hallways leading nowhere take you exactly where you're meant to be.
Tests on the subcontinent often produce lop-sided scorecards so that they become a collection of figures leading nowhere.
The purpose is not to blacken the Government, but to influence it to change its present course that is leading nowhere.
Goodbye , the ceiling fan seems to echo With its next lopsided revolution, Like this lapsed Catholicism leading Nowhere.
A frustrating quarter of an hour later, our convoy returned to the road closure sign and headed in the opposite direction, only to find the diversion signs leading nowhere.