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His excellent chapter on the Federal League war, "Fight These Fellows to a Finish," is taken from a Barrow war cry in which the executive took pride that he kept his eight-team league together despite the major threat from the well-heeled Federal League owners.
The Foolproof financial literacy package produced by the Michigan Credit Union League together with consumer groups picked up an endorsement last week by the Consumer Federation of America.
1566-72) got his Holy League together only because Venice was threatened by a massive Ottoman invasion of Cyprus (where Famagusta held out), and Philip II, though preoccupied by rebellion in the Low Countries, could not evade the responsibilities of his self-professed role as Christendom's defender.
The original proposal was to formulate a Liverpool County Premier League from clubs within the Liverpool County Combination and the I-Zingari League together with other clubs affiliated to the Liverpool County FA.
We have to find a way to keep the Celtic League together.
Jane Addams wrote that what holds the League together are its Congresses.
Having all of the top players in one league together will make for some good basketball.
UEFA believes that it has a strong argument in being given the exemption as it is at least the co-owner of the commercial rights for the Champions League together with the clubs and has established the concept and format of the Champions League with a brand identity distinct from competing clubs.
And though the kids have played Little League together, competed against one another in junior high, freshman, and junior varsity competition, and sometimes even live next door to one another, the sound of their hitting will shake down the thunder from the frozen sky.
The FA and the Premier League together make a significant voluntary contribution to grassroots sport but it is right their continued commercial success should be reflected in the support it gives to all levels of football.
He warned at the start of the season that this group of players are "learning" about life in the Premier League together.
She said: "For the most part we're separate from the men's team at Bayern Munich but we had lots of celebrations when we won the league together last year.