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There we sat together under that part of the roof which leaked the least, while it showered and thundered without.
You see, a lot of information seems to have got over on the other side, and we couldn't think where it had leaked out, except through your wireless.
He saw where his boat leaked, but he did not look for the leak, perhaps purposely deceiving himself.
The light frame house leaked the noise hideously, and Saxon knew that the houses on either side were hearing, and the street itself and the houses across the street.
The steering-gear leaked steam, and in the confined space the glass of the binnacle made a shiny oval of light in a thin white fog.
The night, without, looked black and cold through the dreary gaps in the casement; the precious liquids, now nearly leaked away, dripped with a hollow sound upon the floor; the Maypole peered ruefully in through the broken window, like the bowsprit of a wrecked ship; the ground might have been the bottom of the sea, it was so strewn with precious fragments.
Mendicity on commission stooped in their high shoulders, shambled in their unsteady legs, buttoned and pinned and darned and dragged their clothes, frayed their button-holes, leaked out of their figures in dirty little ends of tape, and issued from their mouths in alcoholic breathings.
She was work- ing herself loose, and leaked badly--not enough to drown us at once, but enough to kill us with the work at the pumps.
The deep penetration of water in a heavy or wind-driven rainstorm will cause a leak by its sheer volume that would not have leaked as a result of a light rainstorm.