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In this voyage, being by contrary winds obliged to beat up and down a great while in the Straits of Malacca and among the islands, we were no sooner got clear of those difficult seas than we found our ship had sprung a leak, but could not discover where it was.
The flat began to leak and I climbed out on the pile.
Plumbing leaks waste nearly one trillion gallons of water that enters U.
Summary: InfoWatch Analytical Center has released a report on data leaks from high-tech companies in 2016, according to which the world …
In addition to evidence of higher valuations for Mand A deals that leak, the 2017 Intralinks Annual M/A Leaks Report, published this week, found that 8.
The RFM5126 Moisture Intrusion Detection System uses battery-free, wireless sensors to detect in-vehicle water leaks caused by incorrect assembly.
ISLAMABAD -- Amir Jamiat-e-Islami Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has said that Prime Minister's probe regarding Panama leaks has become necessary.
Leaks account for 10 compressed air consumption in production facilities and their removal offers high potential for cost reduction.
Leak detection is the system which is used to detect leaks in the pipelines and assist the pipeline controllers in identifying the leaks.
Roof flashings are a common source of leaks that drip far from the source of the water intrusion.
Protec P3000(XL) also can detect leaks from a considerable distance and provides the lowest detectable leak rate on the market.
Sensitivity--The system should detect even small leaks within a short period.