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LEAL. Loyal; that which belongs to the law.

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But Arteaga Leal has drawn the attention of several media outlets.
Professor Leal built my confidence to stay in school by reminding me that as an older student I am more focused now than when I was younger.
Leal, who began his career in 1989 at the Rio Grande Valley-based Texas State Bank, has 24 years of banking experience with BBVA Compass and its legacy banks.
It's specious at best to argue that Leal has a constitutional right to engage in 'open-air preaching' with a microphone at a school-sponsored bonfire.
Leal set Ayan away with a measured through ball and the latter completed the formalities with a neat finish.
The idea behind recording this way was to capture as much live energy as possible," Johnny Leal said.
France will do everything to find the truth about what happened to Gilberto Rodrigues Leal and will not let it go unpunished," French President Francois Hollande said in a statement.
Palmer and Leal enjoyed a fine opening weekends in Bahrain.
Newpek may be small, but its potential is highly significant, Leal told Latin Trade.
Leal was at the Cleghorn Neighborhood Center, where he works as an organizer, on Friday and talked about his recent trip to the White House.
Kutcher and Leal had a brief fling in September 2011, when they (http://www.
She showed Leal the photo and claimed that her friend was dating him.