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Figure 2 shows the response to the question on lean philosophy.
The efficient risk management department adopts a lean philosophy to reduce or eliminate wasteful processes that obstruct the value it delivers.
The core lean philosophy is to eliminate any use of materials or labor that does not result in value for the customer or prevent waste.
The authors outline basic concepts of lean philosophy and how they can be adapted, how to apply lean tools and methods to specific processes, and how to sustain improvements, with exercises in each section.
To implement, we suggest Situational Leadership[R] and a Lean Philosophy
This new edition encompasses issues ranging from healthcare reform, disruptive technology, and lean philosophy, to the general interaction of staff and patients with POCT interfaces and devices.
EPIC's training program is a core building block of its Lean philosophy.
Sustain: Embedding LEAN philosophy into the culture
From the point of view assembly and lean philosophy the description of design, construction and management method of a lean assembly lines was very important (Ortiz, 2006).
This lean philosophy is encapsulated in the powerful concept of gemba, which is defined as the point at which value is added (Womack and Jones, 1996; Imai, 1997).
Gemba, an international lean consulting company, summarizes the lean philosophy as it relates to layoffs: "How can layoffs as a means to reduce cost be anything other than a short-term measure?