lean toward

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She wanted to lean toward this burning, blazing man that was like a volcano spouting forth strength, robustness, and health.
About 16% of the independents who lean toward the Republicans, 39% of the independents who lean toward neither party, and 74% of the independents who lean toward the Democrats said they approved of the PPACA ruling.
That editorial stance could clash with those of China Times Group's outlets, which typically lean toward the positions of the ruling Nationalist Party (KMT), a China-friendly party that espouses eventual unification with the mainland.
Whether you lean toward Charlie Brown or Ebenezer Scrooge, we want to know your distinctive or unusual way of observing Christmas Day.
Only a partisan from the very distant fringes of the left side of the political spectrum would conclude that media reports on global warming lean toward skepticism.
One such technique is learning how to triangulate alternative media--rather than accepting any one alternative media's viewpoint as gospel, consult multiple alternative media known to lean toward different sides of the issue and compare their stories.
And while LiveJournal isn't an exclusively bear site, it's become exceedingly popular among a subculture of gay men who lean toward body mass and facial hair.
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Such naive notions, set within the Caribbean landscape, lean toward an invented culture, manufactured for tourists' consumption, that is typically over-referenced with colonialism and loaded with dormant, but nevertheless very real associations with slavery and a particularly brutal past; an impulse that continues to push aside more fundamental planning issues and undermines the evolution of an authentic Caribbean architecture.
"We lean toward overkill," he says, but adds that his products have to last.
I also lean toward whatever hummable tunes are on my MP3 player.
There's always some skating in there (including stuff by our own O'Dell, who does an interview with Cat Power) and the usual snowbrucing, but most of the other stuff is amazing too: a photo essay of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and an Ed Templeton interview as well as photos and music reviews that lean toward the indie side of things.