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So what benefits does having a leaner body give Ronnie as a performer and recording artist?
The company's goal is to decrease its dependency on legacy systems and move towards a leaner overall supply chain process.
OVERHAUL J This arcade racer is leaner and meaner NEWn Focus is taken away from real-world driving
16 February 2011 - UK bank Lloyds (LON:LLOY) has taken a strategic decision to close its 13-staff equity markets division as it moves towards a leaner structure with increased focus on its core business.
Of these patients, 43 (14%) met the criterion for obesity; 273 (86%) were of leaner build.
Synthesizing decades of study and experience, Pyne's goal is to answer critics who have urged him to address policy issues explicitly and to "unpack my dense historical narratives into a leaner text .
But the leaner, more concise ironies of the three printed works keep echoing insidiously.
He's inherited a spoiled bureaucracy that's used to getting its way, and whose members fight any effort to make state government leaner or more effective.
People covet wild salmon because it is leaner, tastier and contains no color dyes and fewer cancer-causing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) than its pen-raised cousin, according to Ecotrust's Salmon Nation.
Compared with their leaner cohorts, the heavy animals produced lower quantities of infection-fighting agents.
One of the agreed upon nuggets of knowledge can be also be found in the Bible, Aesop's Fables and any number of texts that have stood the test of time: When one has a bountiful harvest, set aside a healthy percentage of the bounty for leaner times ahead.
It's not hard to change their formatting to one that's much leaner.