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It enables our customers to achieve the leanest integration of a camera into their embedded vision system.
Next comes Dubai which by 2030 could have become the cleanest and leanest energy base in the GME (see below).
Noakes states that for women randomised to the intervention group, 'the leanest women at the start of the trial gained weight on the low-fat diet'.
At 5 years, absolute mortality was highest in the leanest patients (BMI less than 22 kg/m2) and lowest in patients with BMI between 25 and 35 kg/m2 (i.
That's why you're advised to eat the leanest cuts of beef possible to reduce your intake of those heavy metals and chemicals contained in animal fat.
Whitmarsh is presiding over one of McLaren's leanest periods since he took charge of the team early in 2009, with just 37 points taken from the opening seven races.
GREENBRAE aims to provide the leanest, freshest and finest-tasting meats, selling top-quality, traditionally-reared beef, lamb, mutton and rare-breed pork direct from the farm.
The Primekss team invented and patented the strongest, leanest, jointless floors in the world today.
Eliminating all middleware and gateway PCs, the Mitsubishi Electric Automation MES Interface IT controller-level direct database access provides users with the leanest solution possible, reducing overhead costs as well as points of failure.
The latest 5 Series saloon has been given the eco treatment making it the leanest and greenest in its class.
Though the state continues to be designated as the nation's leanest for adults, more than half are obese or overweight, and our children are faring even worse.