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In contrast, when she looked at women who had never smoked, the leanest women had the lowest risk of dying.
In fact January is probably the leanest month for enjoying seasonal fare which is coming into its own.
I've been tested over the last month or so and I'm the fastest and heaviest I'veeverbeenandprobably the leanest I've ever been too," he said.
The company's innovative technologies and safety expertise provides customers with the leanest and safest solutions.
Without a century in 10 Tests, Ponting posted his 39th ton to end one of his leanest of home summers on a high.
This package means Gwynedd taxpayers have the leanest senior management resources of any council in North Wales, a fact that once again demonstrates our commitment to maximising the amount spent directly on services to the public.
3bn package in January to help car manufacturers and suppliers through arguably the leanest period in their history.
Despite their short business life, Tacle is established as the leanest site within both Lear Corporation's European business and Tachi-s, where they were bench marked against world-class status.
Today Metro has one of the leanest operations in the country, particularly when you take into consideration that we have far more responsibilities than the typical transit agency.
Graeme Hick has no intention of retiring at the end of the season despite experiencing the leanest spell of his 21-year career with Worcestershire.
The women who were shortest and leanest before pregnancy had the most pronounced inverse association between their birth weight and later risk of developing GDM (JAMA 287[19]:2534-41, 2002).
And patients in the leanest group were hardly emaciated and cachectic, since they averaged 16% body fat, said Dr.