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Giving them reason to believe he was merely employed in a consultation concerning the future route, he spurred his charger, and drew the reins again when the animal had carried him within a few yards of the place where the sullen runner still stood, leaning against the tree.
Don Quixote was on foot with his horse unbridled and his lance leaning against a tree, and in short completely defenceless; he thought it best therefore to fold his arms and bow his head and reserve himself for a more favourable occasion and opportunity.
The girls sat listless, leaning against each other.
I recognized her figure as she stood leaning against the rock, with her hands crossed in front of her, lost in thought.
GUCCI has been banned from using this advert of a "gaunt" model leaning against a wall.
In one of the images, the 33-year-old model is seen wearing a baby blue bra and knicker set, with skyscraper heels and with cutesy bows in her hair, while Leaning against a stool in a classic pin-up pose, the Daily Star reported.
The couple was reportedly having sex while leaning against the window of an apartment block in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
While the couple in their 30s were leaning against a stone wall, the woman fell backwards over it.
At any time of day you can find them, huddled close together, leaning against the railings of the bridges.
A RAIL guard was jailed for five years yesterday for causing the death of a drunk teenager by signalling a train to move as she was leaning against the carriage.
The extra high front safety rail stretches 61cm/2ft above the top step for holding or leaning against.
Lanny Thomason, the bowling alley's owner and operator, said in an e-mail that the fire appeared to involve an old mattress that was leaning against another building.