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Said Goddard, the climbers' leanness is not necessarily from endurance but simply because the sport favors the thin and muscular.
5 tonnes and performance benefits from the leanness in terms of handling and outright speed.
Physical qualities looked for include health and fitness and a degree of leanness.
Improved qualities could include better fertility, longevity, conformation, growth rate, size, leanness, docility or mothering ability.
Klindt's lab is working to reduce the number of injectionsnecessary to achieve the desired gains in weight and leanness.
Finally, people can get the taste they love with the leanness they deserve.
Washington, July 1 (ANI): Steroid use is not necessary to be heavily concerned with muscularity and leanness, suggest researchers.
It is DataSavers' stated vision to "Be the most customer focused and respected record management company in the southeast while maintaining leanness and agility to quickly adapt to technological advances.
And Senor Macedo has long-standing experience of buying beef from other EU countries over the period these markets were shut to the British industry, so we expect him to be able to give an indication of the wide range of carcase types that will be wanted, as well as list the weight, age and leanness of the ideal beef animal for the main markets which will give suckled calf producers more exact targets to aim at.
As photographs of that time show, it was the sheer size of a beast, rather than the conformation, finish and leanness required today, that took the title of best in show.
We've found that leanness of a carcass has little relationship with beef ribeye tenderness," says MARC food technologist Steven D.
Much of this change can be attributed to the increased leanness of pigmeat, an attribute also shared by leaner beef and lamb to some extent.