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LEAP YEAR. Vide Bissextile.

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Leap years have a bit of folklore associated with them - for one, tradition dictates that on Leap Day, women propose to men instead of the other way around, the Telegraph reported.
In the Iranian calendar, the leap day is inserted every fourth year for about a third of a century, but is then delayed a year--that is, there is a five-year gap between leap days.
The poet Lord Byron was born on a leap day, as were rapper Ja Rule and former Newcastle United footballer Darren Ambrose.
All three Big Air locations will be participating in the $1 hour jump promotion on Leap Day.
45PM A young woman plans to travel to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on February 29 as, according to ancient tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap day must accept it.
CVS said comparable-store sales results reflect the impact of new generics, a strong flu season, the shift of the Easter holiday from April in 2012 to March in 2013, and the absence of a leap day in 2013.
The figures were even more encouraging as February 2012 was a day longer than February this year, due to it having a leap day.
The so-called Leap Day deal, however, was virtually annulled when Pyongyang launched a long-range rocket in April.
When the so-called Leap Day agreement was announced, we expressed uneasiness about the idea of bartering food for diplomatic concessions.
Last week it was revealed that Van Dyke, 86, and make-up artist Arlene Silver, 40, were married in a small Leap Day ceremony at a Malibu chapel near the actor's home.
Pictured is organiser Chris Long and Rachel Speight-McGregor of Cancer Research UK with some of the Lowest to Highest team WHAT: Middlesbrough and Redcar Friends of the Earth and National trust volunteers planted free trees from the Woodland Trust for leap day, to improve native woodland cover for wildlife at Ormesby Halls cherry walk