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Last year, Leapers brought out a 1-8X tactical scope that has law enforcement and military applications.
For 2015, Leapers has taken that super-wide range of power to a new level with a 2-16X that spans nearly all known applications.
I don't know what the Leapers price will be, but I know it'll be a small fraction of that
The big news from Leapers in 2015, though, is not another new product.
Sab Kaur reads with her children, three-year-old Mya and 14-month-old Ria, at the Little Leapers group.
Leapers was founded in a garage in Michigan--not unlike a thousand other small businesses, but this one was started by a transplanted Taiwanese cop.
The first product Leapers offered in the early 1990s was a 4X scope for the SKS.
Leapers wouldn't just sell scopes--they would offer the complete solution.
This season, however, the goal of most opponents is to keep the quick leaper as far away from the hoop as possible.
Staff are on standby for a Leaper - a baby born today but celebrating his or her birthday only once every four years.