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Leaping off these walls one can imagine larger views of intellectualized landscapes as seen in the paintings of Lucio Pozzi and Michael Goldberg.
With the next warm rain they will depart, leaping uphill to their forest refuges, where they will spend the summer eating bugs and hiding from predators.
"Tiger Leaping Gorge is unique in the world," says Beijing environmental consultant Ma Jun, one of those who traveled to Yunnan and author of the influential book China's Water Crisis.
Opponents of the Tiger Leaping dam voice tour key objections.
A final freeze-frame catches him in midair: a self-portrait of the artist as leaper--as leaping image, Also left in suspense is the question of a coming (thinner, faster, emptier, more abstract) subjectivity that might start again from the zero of today and make the void creative again.
The creature was built for hanging tightly onto tree not for leaping from tree to tree, as some scientists had speculated, based on earlier fragmentary finds.
Whether dancing furious footwork, leaping, or shaking his entire body, Duverger was pivotal to the company's choreography and presentation.
But how reasonable would it be to take such proverbial wisdom and turn it into a Federal Leaping Commission?
The record for the largest, heaviest hopper ever conceived may go to a leaping battle tank patented in 1945 by Henry W.
In Munch's new feature, Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day, life's dependable finitude is once again the esthetic lodestone, but here the house-bound existentialism of Hours gives way to elegy.