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To leap to his rescue would mean death for Akut, too; but the brave old ape never hesitated.
There is now only the little matter of the run and the leap.
Ay, but what if they kill thee in the Jungle, or the Little People kill thee before thou canst leap down to the river?
Mowgli trotted along under the trees, judging distances between branch and branch, occasionally climbing up a trunk and taking a trial leap from one tree to another till he came to the open ground, which he studied very carefully for an hour.
Provider of wireless services Leap Wireless International Inc (Nasdaq:LEAP) reported on Friday the grant of inducement awards to seven new employees.
The gallery's ground floor is filled with a large video projection, also titled Leap into the Void, 2003, in which Clem literally reenacts Klein's famous leap.
However, you may be surprised to know that among any given group of trained distance runners, anaerobic power, as measured by sprint speed, vertical jump height and plyometric leap distance, is likely to predict the best 10K time.
The action resembles a frog's leap, except the legs share a single foot.
Leaps was developed after over 10 years of research and clinical practice and is being used by hundreds of schools in more than forty school districts across the country.
the parent company of OneStepAhead and Leaps and Bounds.