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Finally, one of the key educational advantages of SL is that it brings students into regular contact with "real life," and often a side of life which is less "rosy" than what most of us experience regularly; and that it asks students to reflect, think, and learn about how to improve the situations they encounter.
As recommended with other diverse populations, school counselors must attempt to learn about and understand the experiential worldviews of students with learning disabilities.
Instead of just learning about past events, we can also learn about what's happening in today's world, and we may even have a chance to affect the future in a positive way."
Come meet a CAM practitioner and learn about a CAM modality.
Many clients have limited interests because they have had relatively little opportunity to learn about alternative activities.
Certainly, very young children learn about certain historical events at a very young age.
Students learn about the experts' experiences by selecting a question from a series of menus.
They choose general areas to investigate, specific aspects to learn about, and a focus to understand on a deep level.
Cruise down Hudson Street and learn about the eight parts of speech.
This same question motivated Hayek's The Sensory Order, and both Hayek and Holland start with the same observation: One part of a mind might sense and learn about other parts of a mind much as a whole mind senses and learns about the external world.
Students who agreed that service learning could be harmful (in decreasing personal responsibility) were less likely to agree that service-learning helped them learn about group dynamics and group skills, r (39) = -.34, p < .05, that service-learning fostered personal insights and growth, r (37) = -.45, p < .01, and less likely to agree that their service activities made them more interested in attending class, r (39) = -.38, p < .05.
Learn about electrodiagnostics and subsequent metabolic treatment with natural medicines.