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The first is that the plural as a morphological category is specified as learnable, as is commonly held.
1995) Outsmarting IQ: The emerging science of learnable intelligence.
She states, however, that good advice rarely works because it implies that mothering is a learnable sequence and that infant behavior, if properly handled, is predictable and malleable.
Publications such as Godey's or Beecher's Treatise made "acceptable social behaviors teachable, learnable, and deferrable" (101).
The quality of sensitivity is more complicated and perhaps less learnable.
The symbols are learnable, but only after training and practice.
We started from the premise that safety is learnable," says DeGrenier.
Morality refers to traditional beliefs about right or wrong conduct and is a code of learnable rules (Beauchamp and Bowie, 1983).
is viewed functionally, as a process, and is associated with a learnable set of
Convinced that entrepreneurship is a learnable skill, the Fogelman College is developing new classes for entrepreneurs and launching a campaign to develop an entrepreneurship center at the College.
The trainer couldn't establish credibility with the participants, didn't understand the training material or couldn't present it in a learnable fashion.