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Such rules, which relate different points in time, can be invariants of the world and hence PAC learnable.
And, fortunately, the selling process is learnable.
Teachable techniques shared in chapters four to nine include "Six Learnable Wayfinding Skills" that consist of Deciphering Wayfinding Words and Numbers; Comprehending Spatial Layouts; Reading Maps; Following Signs; Recognizing Landmarks; and Asking Directions.
You need really good ideas and you have to have a spark of creativity, but there are many elements of the craft which are learnable.
The good news is that presentation skills are learnable, so if you can find a person with strong critical thinking skills and abilities, you can usually help them become a more successful presenter," says Nancy Keeshan, executive director, Duke Corporate Education, Dubai.
The overarching goal of this research is to explore broader questions such as whether wisdom is innate, learnable or a bit of both, and if wisdom is a uniquely human trait.
Their topics include teaching learnable grammar, podcasting and iPod in teaching and learning the Italian language at the University of Montreal, the importance of adopting a didactic translation methodology in the context of the 2001 Italian university reform, building an intercultural identity in a cross-cultural transition, using film at all levels of proficiency, and the history of Italian culture from the 1950s to 2005 retold by protest songs.
The notion of truth is therefore tied to what is potentially learnable by finite minds like ours.
I don't know about a teachable moment, but it was no doubt a learnable one: Cell phones don't disrupt classrooms, people disrupt classrooms.
But, try as you might to make the case for learning as a learnable skill, the business angels don't really get it.
Morey reports that his clients like the FlightLogic and find it learnable, although it takes several hours to become comfortable with the system.
Is resiliency something that is learnable or trainable?