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Amy was fretting because her lessons were not learned, and she couldn't find her rubbers.
Sometimes, while thus at work, he was visited by learned men, who desired to know what literary undertaking Mr.
From the cloister, his reputation as a learned man had passed to the people, among whom it had changed a little, a frequent occurrence at that time, into reputation as a sorcerer.
His education progressed; but his greatest finds were in the inexhaustible storehouse of the huge illustrated dictionary, for he learned more through the medium of pictures than text, even after he had grasped the significance of the bugs.
I had learned from somebody that the way to begin to read was to learn the alphabet, so I tried in all the ways I could think of to learn it,--all of course without a teacher, for I could find no one to teach me.
From the talk of the Germans Pierre learned that a larger guard had been allotted to that baggage train than to the prisoners, and that one of their comrades, a German soldier, had been shot by the marshal's own order because a silver spoon belonging to the marshal had been found in his possession.
Have you learned anything at Redmond except dead languages and geometry and such trash?
Thus, he had learned not to fear the roar of the wind among the palms when he lay snug on the plantation-house veranda, nor the onslaught of the waves, hissing and rumbling into harmless foam on the beach at his feet.
The eight months had been well spent, and, in addition to what he had learned of right speaking and high thinking, he had learned much of himself.
Quickly the steward learned Michael's pre-eminent teachableness.
And long before his eyes had opened he had learned by touch, taste, and smell to know his mother--a fount of warmth and liquid food and tenderness.
And from the age of five to that of twenty-five I had not learned to care for its kick.