learned counsel

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Among the learned counsel sat Bacon, a disappointed man of forty.
An important issue of gender discrimination which, though not directly involved in this appeal, has been raised by some of the learned counsel for the parties which concerns rights to Muslim women.
The learned counsel told 3-member bench of SC led by CJP Nasir ul Mulk that it was not even in his knowledge who has stopped his execution and he has come to know about it through newspapers.
Only now do we have learned counsel coming forward to teach us how it should be.
On Thursday, during the course of hearing, the learned Counsel submitted that the name of Hafiz Shahid Nadeem Kahloon was recommended by the Judicial Commission but Parliamentary Committee rejected his name without providing proper reasons.
The court, however, asked the learned counsel to file a petition in this regard.
The learned counsel also said that it had been made crystal clear that serving army personnel could not be investigated by any court or police, the report added.
Alternatively, William Hill might invite him to appear as an expert witness in the present judicial review case and allow his assumptions to be subject to the probing analysis of the learned counsel representing the Levy Board.
1) This learned counsel requirement was neither created ex nihilo nor is it unique to military commissions.
He told Jarvis: "On the face of the papers it would be obvious you are facing another long prison sentence, but I trust the judgement of your learned counsel when he says there are good reasons for a djourning.
I have sought advice from learned counsel and the opinion is that the council has contravened Section 55 of the Data Protection Act by publishing the emails.
As a learned counsel, he will keep his counsel, but attend a council, when it is a regularly scheduled deliberative meeting.