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A legal rule, tenet, theory, or principle. A political policy.

Examples of common legal doctrines include the clean hands doctrine, the doctrine of false demonstration, and the doctrine of merger.

The Monroe Doctrine, enunciated by President James Monroe on December 2, 1823, was an American policy to consider any aggression by a European country against any western hemisphere country to be a hostile act toward the United States.


noun belief, canon, credendum, credo, creed, dogma, formulated belief, gospel, maxim, philosophy, precept, principle, professed belief, rule, system, system of belief, teaching, teachings, tenet, univerral principle
Associated concepts: added risk doctrine, avoidable conseeuences doctrine, beneficial consideration doctrine, collateral source doctrine, cy pres doctrine, de facto doctrine, doctrine of abstention, doctrine of assumed risk, doctrine of avoidable consequences, doctrine of last clear chance, doctrine of recrimination, doctrine of relation back, doccrine of res judicata, doctrine of subrogation, doctrine of the law of the case, doctrine of unclean hands, doctrine of unjust enrichment, emergency doctrine, exclusive connrol doctrine, exhaustion of remedies doctrine, humanitarran doctrine, imminent peril doctrine, last clear chance, main purpose doctrine, res ipsa loquitur doctrine, rescue doctrine
See also: belief, codification, concept, conviction, directive, discipline, dogma, idea, persuasion, platform, policy, precept, prescription, principle, rule, theory, thesis
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That notwithstanding, the court refused to back away from Florida's "longstanding recognition of the learned intermediary doctrine.
1989) (expanding to learned intermediary doctrine to discharge a chemical manufacturers duty to warn an intermediary's employee users when warnings were conveyed to the knowledgeable intermediary employer); see also Cheney, supra note 91, at 594.
The Illinois Supreme Court articulated the policy behind the learned intermediary doctrine in Kirk:
The learned intermediary doctrine has been a well-established legal rule for decades.
Several courts have acknowledged that a drug company's overpromotion can create an exception to the learned intermediary doctrine.
The New Jersey decision is especially significant because it is the first high-level court opinion in the country to create an exception to the learned intermediary doctrine as it relates to so-called direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs, said Richard Galex, an East Brunswick, New Jersey, lawyer who represented the Perez plaintiffs.
The Drug Watch Web site and Clinical Study Results Database are almost certain to impact pharmaceutical products liability litigation by impacting the learned intermediary doctrine.
However, the decision, which upheld the learned intermediary doctrine as a defense for the manufacturer, brought to an abrupt halt the trial of five women who claimed Norplant caused headaches, nausea, irregular menstrual bleeding, mood swings, and depression.
4) In defense, drug manufacturers invariably argued that they were shielded from liability under the learned intermediary doctrine, because the physician, not the manufacturer, had the duty to warn the patient of any risks associated with the prescriptive drug.