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In this case, the accounting firm argued that staff accountants are part of a learned profession that goes through specialized training and that staff accountants exercise discretion and judgment while on the job.
Failing to appreciate this distinction between a learned profession and a caring profession has had the most profound of consequences, in both theory and practice.
Lastly, male employment in commerce versus agriculture evaluates the level of economic development in each state, with the percentage of men employed in the learned professions (e.
1) Flexner's expose of the practitioner-dominated medical diploma mills that flourished at the turn of the century was the critical step in making American doctors members of a learned profession.
COMMITMENT TO PROFESSIONAL SELF DEVELOPMENT, referring to "obligations of members of a learned profession .
And when one turns his cynicism on his own learned profession, he is just as close to the mark.
He was the first of many who voluntarily contributed an extraordinary amount of time, energy, and attention to building a dynamic learned profession.
Rogers, then, is spending time and effort with the gifts she bestowed: the Science of Unitary Human Beings, the vision of nursing as a basic science and learned profession, and her formidable loving presence.
Moreover, the judge ruled, journalism does not require the kind of special education necessary for a learned profession.
By focusing on biography Ravenel intended to restore the legacy of the learned profession together with the historical district, the legacy of those who could legitimately call themselves "architects" and civic leaders by their stylistic innovations and imaginative designs.
If accountancy is a learned profession, the individual practicing it has a great responsibility to his clients to remain learned.
Accounting has been likened to the legal profession, and although the legal profession includes both paraprofessionals and attorneys, it is unclear how being all-inclusive might affect the commission's efforts at building a learned profession.