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Montoya learnedly discusses medieval themes in seventeenth-century French fairy tales, including traditions of Richard the Lionheart and supposed Provencal verse by him.
Dekker's was peripatetic (all three characters rode on horses) and comparatively straight forward, with one speech (as Manley has noted, 253-4) echoing John of Gaunt's eulogy to England in Shakespeare's Richard II; Jonson's was static (focused on a triumphal arch) and learnedly allusive.
Tertullian opposes heretics with the authority of the sacred writings; with the philosophers he changes his fence and disputes philosophically; but so learnedly and accurately did he confute them that he made bold to say: "Neither in science nor in schooling are we equals, as you imagine.
For by the law, expounding conscience, He'll make an oath, or sense, or nonsense; Extent of affirmation measure, Most learnedly by will and pleasure: And prove that words in sense may vary, And two opposed meanings carry; The one for those of common sort, The other for the learned court: And so warp juries to that side Which most shall please his wrath or pride, Surrounding them with legal fences, Until they've almost lost their senses: Then blind their eyes, that he may shew The way in which they ought to go.
and B says 'Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori,' and the crossing-sweeper falls on his knees in adoration of the two men who can talk as learnedly as that.
My nine-year-old son is determined that I should buy one, having spent most of the week camped out in the thing, poring over the brochures and learnedly researching its aluminium construction.
29 he learnedly discusses the five parts of ancient Africa: Libia (Nile to Melila); Mauritania (Melila to Tangier/Tingy); Tingitanya (Tangier to Safi); Hantantica (Atlas to Ethiopia); and finally Ethiopia Inferior/Grande (Pacheco Pereira, Esmeraldo, 29 (Liv.
Learnedly and elegantly, Como establishes connections between individuals and groups (while registering differences of emphasis and orientation), reconstructs intellectual predilections and systems, and formulates some daring conjectures about appropriations and amplifications.
He notes of himself, "I held a middle ground, highly scientific, of course, and used to argue learnedly about the physiological limitations of [women]" (9).
One person spoke, learnedly, of using people's skills--more particularly that some people had special skill in administration and therefore should be given 'the opportunity' of doing more of it.
Some of the younger group of enthusiasts who scoff at the influence of heredity, and who talk learnedly about environment as the cause of the majority of misfits, pooh-pooh the occurrence of dementia praecox at early age, and assert that nearly all of the children who show the symptoms of this disease clear up eventually.
Two dilettante courtiers [are] learnedly criticising, the one in the hood is meant for Gower.