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Whitmarsh makes clear that from the fourth century BCE, literature and elite status were conjoined and asserting oneself as a high status individual required learnedness as well.
That is, she de-emphasizes the extent to which women's learnedness could and did create bitter controversy, especially over slavery and sectionalism.
The untranslated Latin proverb in the margin--'qui se laudat stercore coronabitur' ('who praises themselves crowns themselves with dung')--continues the assault on Smyth whilst advertising his opponent's learnedness and therefore merit.
Like the Maharal, they were known for their learnedness, determination and fierce love of the Jewish people.
Eowyn, though a foreigner, is able to overcome the problem of language through her learnedness in the Common Speech, but she voices her anxieties about acceptance in her new home and removal from Rohan by saying wistfully to Faramir, "Then must I leave my own people, man of Gondor?
In Mirk's logic, though, it is not the faithful's careful attention to scripture that reveals them as knowledgeable people; rather, it is their ability to interpret the Virgin's symbolic presence that attests to their learnedness.
Douglas Kneale's consideration of the complexity of allusion in 'Nutting' , which, in its openness to the play of language and in its sheer learnedness of reference, both alludes to and indeed stylistically emulates Hartman's critical practice, to J.
While the qualities of learnedness and erudition (even on the part of women) should not in themselves have been discarded, Bale wrote, the popess' idolatrous pursuit of necromantic books "demonstrated that these [Roman Catholic] libraries and the literary culture they fostered and exemplified .
Her taste is responsible for using those styles to tease and stimulate rather than to impress the listener with learnedness.
Christianity does not have an exclusive on the qualities fear of the Lord, learnedness, insight, prudence, righteousness, justice, and equity.
Vern's learnedness and high professional standing, combined with his nonjudgmental outlook, over the years established a vital link between the gay and straight communities.
The primary role of postmodern professional organizations can no longer be that of a producer of learnedness, stability, and certainty in managing financial resources.