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Still, The Afterlife of Pope Joan is to be commended as a fascinating literary study and intellectual history, as it conveys the textual fate of a somewhat hapless figure whose virtue and learnedness are overwhelmed by the sulfurous fumes said to engulf her, causing her to exclaim even in life, "By Hell, I scorch already" (146).
This brief summary of the general argument cannot reveal the complexity and learnedness of the arguments within each chapter.
56) Mary undoubtedly took on this role, placing herself firmly within her text and leaving the reader no doubt that these considered views were hers, based not only on her learnedness but also her lived experience.
Both our traditions have depth of learnedness and spiritual insight that only patient study and inner awareness can reveal.
Although a short and obscure passage from the text, it highlights one of the conventions of Black sermonizing and oratory that would later become recognized as a major part of Black evangelicalism that grew out of the syncretism between African oral tradition and Methodist principles of direct inspiration over scholastic learnedness.
Cowling's skills as a historian are no-where better evidenced than in the learnedness needed to achieve such an encyclopedic compendium of modern English intellectual biography.
85) A friend's good influence was based on the fact that he embodied both learnedness and spiritual exemplarity.
Ion of Chios, too, recalls tales of Pythagoras' celebrated learnedness.
He espouses a "simple and straightforward" style, yet many of his examples belie an impressive vocabulary and learnedness.
The rest of the book follows suit with an unforced eclecticity which is a sign of the author's learnedness and attentiveness.
Yet despite its remarkable learnedness and the difficulty of the subject matter, it is simply and lucidly written.
That manner spoons up a rich sauce of features today associated with modernism/postmodernism: tones that run from deadpan black humor to specious seriousness to mock learnedness, typographical unconventionalities, metafictional asides, fractured plots and subplots and juxtaposed set pieces, diagrams and puzzles, puns and portmanteau words, genre parodies and conflations, intertextuality and Barthesian bliss, camp and kitsch.