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Completely free, the miDrive apps for Android and iOS have helped thousands of learner drivers to improve their driving skills, find qualified driving instructors and pass their driving tests more quickly, while also saving as much as [pounds sterling]300 on their lesson expenses.
Ambitious learner drivers could make a 12-hour journey to the Isle of Skye to be in with the best chance of passing.
Tipperary has the second highest number, with 103 learner drivers over 70 and 25 over 80, followed by Cork, which has 98 learner drivers over 70 and 16 who are older than 80 years.
We support young Tasmanians getting their driver licence to seek employment, education and social opportunities, so we want to ensure that we remove any unnecessary road blocks and promote a more efficient and positive experience for all novice learner drivers.
Marking the half-way point in its first-ever Family Safety Week, RoSPA is focusing on learner drivers as it seeks to raise awareness of safety issues affecting young people.
But some people say that you will find learner drivers everywhere in Dubai or so it seems.
Today, Onroad Driving School teaches over 2,000 new learner drivers each year.
Learner drivers are already asafe group on normal roads, says the Institute, and while motorway lessons may not be mandatory, a r y elaxation would allow those who are most likely to use their local motorway the chance to build up experience and knowledge.
Motorways are officially Britain's safest roads and many countries including Australia and the USA already allow their use by learner drivers, often with few restrictions.
I can't believe how inconsiderate and rude some motorists can be towards learner drivers.
Learner drivers are permitted to drive as long as they are accompanied by a licence holder.
A TOTAL of 26 learner drivers involved in road accidents over the past three years died in the collisions.