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In addition, research aimed at best practices for online teaching and learning is increasing.
As a result, people become even more dependent on powers outside of themselves instead of learning the processes and skills necessary for critical thinking and problem solving.
Today, assessing accounting students and helping them to integrate liberal learning and professional learning should be part of every business professor's teaching focus.
In this article, we discuss the value of teaching and learning operant principles in animal shelters from the perspectives of a faculty member, a student, and a shelter staff member.
Institutions of higher learning throughout the country are ramping up their services to maintain enrollment levels as the base of potential students declines, while at the same time government deregulation has allowed new players into the market and freed existing schools to better leverage their competitive advantages in attracting students.
Students with learning disabilities can benefit from developing specific knowledge and skills that may increase their chances of successfully completing postsecondary degrees.
The concepts of Knowledge Management (KM) and knowledge communities have matured over the past decade and are being recognized as major enablers for personal learning and job performance in achieving organizational business objectives.
The study) contradicts itself throughout the piece, doesn't understand its own historical perspective and lazily relies on one private sector pundit for 15 pages of criticism," wrote Stephen Cervieri, director of sales and marketing for Distance Learning Inc.
Heeding Secretary Rumsfeld's call for continual transformation within the Department of Defense, Frank Anderson, Defense Acquisition University (DAU) president, assigned the learning organization prototype initiative to DAU South Region (DAU-S).
Each similarly defines training as the "planned effort by an organization to facilitate employees' learning of job-related competencies.
Attention to this topic has been a growing theme in the field's research for decades, and a number of factors argue for making it even more central in the coming years: the increasing emphasis on learning and achievement throughout education; the deepening appreciation for the library media specialist's various roles as they relate to this emphasis on learning; the emergence of electronic information resources that highlight the relationship between learning and information use as never before; and the publication of the Information Literacy Skills for Student Learning in Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning (American Association of School Librarians and Association for Educational Communications and Technology [AASL and AECT], 1998).
The authors maintain that the social learning theory of career development and counseling has not been applied to diverse populations.

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