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Northumbria University is fortunate, over the years, to have had many work placements for people with a learning disability that have been beneficial for our organisation and helped raise awareness among our own community," she said.
The family said Hywel Dda Health Board has a resource box care bundle in place, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has received funding for packs, and Hayley Tarrant, general manager of the learning disability service in Powys Teaching Health Board is in the process of organising funding too.
Learning disability nurses are calling for a nationwide approach to reduce the inequalities and identify the opportunities that could be harnessed--by all nurses--to improve the experience of health and well-being for all citizens with a learning disability.
People with a learning disability can take longer to learn new things and may need support to develop new skills and engage with other people.
The Court noted that the stress Jeffrey was experiencing would have improved with assistance for his learning disability.
Claire Bowler, 34 from Pontypridd, is Mencap Cymru's co-chair, she also has a learning disability, and has experience of hate crime herself.
People with a learning disability are one of the most vulnerable groups in today's society - nine out of 10 will have been bullied or abused.
The center is also collaborating with the Center for Child Evaluation and Teaching in Kuwait and with local and international experts to develop the first standardized learning disability assessment tool in Arabic.
Finally, parents were recognised to have psychological and social needs, linked to their learning disability and additional problems:
The needs of people with a learning disability, their families and their carers were not properly assessed.
For the purposes of this research, dyslexia was defined as a specific learning disability that affects accurate/fluent word recognition, spelling, and decoding.

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