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This report provides details of the latest learning disability market agreements announced in the healthcare sectors, covering: Learning disability, Aspergers and Autism.
It is part of the NHS Learning Disability Employment Programme.
This will mean that people with a learning disability feel more valued and included and understand why their vote counts.
One of the limitations of the current study was that it was generally considered a range of learning disabilities and did not address a specific learning disability.
Learning disability nurses consistently balance enabling choice, health promotion and co-ordination, education and advocacy, with their duty of care.
I made this commitment to ensure that progress can be tracked by service users and carers of mental health and learning disability services throughout the life span of the Action Plan.
This statement is aimed at all learners and not just learners who do not have a learning disability.
To stop abuse from happening in the first place, we need society to value people with a learning disability and the positive contribution they can make to their communities.
Mencap Cymru's trained staff manage the Wales Learning Disability Helpline providing support and advice to callers after a hate crime, and helping them report incidents to the police.
Mencap has worked for 60 years to achieve its vision of a world where people with a learning disability are valued members of society and to ensure they have the choice to live their life they way the want.
Dr Iain Glencross' Fitzwilliam Street practice is the first in Kirklees to receive the high-profile Learning Disability Friendly Award.

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