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The RCN recognises the need for specialist care for people with learning disabilities and has actively supported the development of registered learning disability nurses and their key role in delivering patient-centred care.
"This enabled us to share our passion of learning disability nursing with members of the public." The group has set up its own Learning Disability Nursing Rocks Facebook page - www.facebook.com/groups/592817331169365/with the aim of tracking the journeys of some of the rocks and encourage the 'finders' to visit the page and learn more about Learning Disability Nursing.
"The approach to screening needs to be tailored to an individual's needs so that people with a learning disability do not miss out on potentially life-saving cancer tests.
"There is a lot of discrimination and many people with a learning disability don't always have a fair deal in our community.
In 2016 ABMU launched its learning disabilities acute hospital liaison service in Morriston Hospital and now has full-time learning disability liaison nurses working for the health board.
This discouraged 64% of people with a learning disability from voting in local elections last May.
One of the limitations of the current study was that it was generally considered a range of learning disabilities and did not address a specific learning disability. Moreover, to collect data, a self-report questionnaire was used to answer which biases may be involved.
Poorer health outcomes Only 24 per cent of people with a learning disability are in residential care, hence the majority continue to live either independently or with family.
In British Columbia it is estimated that three percent of students have a learning disability (Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities: A Guide for Teachers, Sept 2011, BC Ministry of Education).
The study found that kids are frequently affected by more than one learning disability and that specific learning disabilities co-occur more often than expected.
An entire section offers coping tips for parents and for adolescents, young adults, and adults with a learning disability. The book concludes with a glossary, a directory of websites and organizations, and sources of college funding for students with learning disabilities.

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