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The ultimate goal is to develop a program that would address a wide range of clinical education competencies, such as concepts of adult education, learning domains, and clinical performance evaluations.
The underlying rationale is that any project-based composition program that incorporates creative collaborative composition and compositional teaching practices with technology and comprehensive musicianship has the capacity to engage multiple learning domains.
We must seize the opportunity in documenting student performance in all three learning domains as evidence of their learning.
Each unique learning domain serves a different purpose, and carries a different combination of benefits and drawbacks.
Method SURVEY TOOL AND PROCESS The 29-item web-based survey focused on respondent demographics (12 items); assessment/evaluation strategies used across the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning domains (9 items); and related grading practices (8 items).
The SCoE-LLP, which operates with the virtual muscle of the SCoE Sustainment Knowledge Network (SKN) (now available on line), is the hub supporting lifelong learning and collaboration for the CASCOM, Ordnance, Quartermaster, Transportation, Soldier Support Institute, and ALMC learning domains.
We could see ourselves following their analytical format in discussing or describing problems occurring in learning domains outside of reading.

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