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The iconic Parisian restaurant, Buddha Bar, which leased 20,000 s/f of office and lavish courtyard retail space for its first ever New York City establishment, which was designed by Didi Pei, son of I.
Purchasers of leased real estate may find it more advantageous to acquire leased property after leases have been canceled; thus, the buyer can ask the seller to negotiate a cancellation of existing leases prior to the sale of the property.
It provided for the disclosure of six basic terms, including the number and total amount of payments a consumer needed to make to acquire ownership of the leased property; a statement that the consumer acquires no equity in the property until the required payments have been made; whether the leased property is new or used; and a brief mention of certain charges such as reinstatement and late payment and default charges.
Grants the lessee the right to approve of any material changes to any common area or access to the leased premises that could impact the value and beneficial use of the lease.
Mathematically, it is the rate that causes the sum of the present values of the rents payable and the residual value to equal the capital cost (present value) of the leased vehicle.
Republic Park 8 was approximately 70% leased when the Company acquired the property in September 2006.
The next thing you need to know is that most equipment leased in the United States today is covered by a "triple net" lease.
The Securities and Exchange Commission expressed concern over some leases that were recorded as operating leases but were in substance a financing of the leased asset.
Office equipment is the top equipment type leased, as it has been for the last five years, followed by computers and industrial/manufacturing equipment, both reported by 33 percent of respondents.
an environmental consulting and contracting firm, leased 30,070 s/f at 1340 Campus Parkway at Monmouth Shores Corporate Park in Wall Township.
Kindred's complaint filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York asserts that Ventas is deliberately attempting to circumvent the applicable provisions of the Master Lease Agreements, and is usurping the authority of the soon to be appointed final appraiser under each of the Master Lease Agreements, by misinterpreting the Master Lease Agreements so as to provide Ventas with unfettered access to Kindred's analyses of the fair market rental of the leased properties.
Georges Crossing in Woodbridge, Pier 1 Imports leased 12,486 s/f of space facing directly onto U.