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I think it's a rip-off for every one of the 4,500 council leaseholders and I made my point at the recent HLB meeting.
The CMA said that while service charges leaseholders pay can "vary widely", they come to just over PS1,100 a year on average.
This separation of control means that the leaseholder, who ultimately foots the bill for the maintenance of the property they live in, has relatively little individual influence over how the work is carried out or who does it.
In the past we have followed the recommendation that annual meetings are held with leaseholders to discuss service charges.
Where the division is vertical, both leaseholders have an equal share in all such liabilities.
The only thing that Hussein has inherited from her husband is his Leaseholders, Rights Protection Union membership card, and she is now living in a leased house in a very bad condition in the Dirkawa/Hawkari Quarter southeast of Erbil.
Review the lease agreement thoroughly with leaseholders when they move-in.
As for the content of the leaseholder's response, the regulation requires grazing leaseholders to allow access to any person who has provided the required information, except under several access scenarios identified in the regulations.
Unlike a leaseholder, Forney, 58, has no legal right to a replacement unit or housing subsidy.
While the insurers that covered the World Trade Center and the leaseholder who signed a 99-year lease on the property are still several billion dollars apart on settling their insurance dispute, the lead insurer on the property said it would be "more accommodating" if it were negotiating directly with New York City.
The project is the result of an agreement between Carnival, the world's largest cruise line, and Queen Mary leaseholder Queen's Seaport Development Inc.