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When they get to an off-leash area, the owner can just let the leash go, and it retracts back into the collar.
Being able to walk with our dogs on leash is a basic, necessary skill, yet it can seem like the most difficult one to achieve.
The leash allows for a variety of configurations and uses which makes it useful in almost any situation - training, service, walking, jogging, travelling, hiking, camping, etc.
Outside of the yard, on walks in the park for example, he listens pretty well on leash.
Remember, the leash has symbolic value to the handler and the puppy.
She doesn't do well walking on a leash and I don't think she ever was.
A New Leash On Life" tells a story of adjustment when the parents of Smoky, a miniature apricot poodle, welcome a new family member, a baby.
Summary: Draft law proposing hefty fine and jail time for not keeping pets on leash has many residents worried
The city Public Works Department is asking walkers in the park's Whilamut Natural Area to stay on designated trails and keep their dogs on a leash.
clipped to my collar, a leash in the paw of her illness, which rose tall
Ajax was one of the the first municipalities in the Region of Durham to open dog leash free areas.
THE sight of a miniature pig on a leash trotting down the street would usually be considered quite unusual.