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The Jumbo Coil Leashes provide leashed safety for for dogs over 25 pounds come in red, blue, black, pink and green and the Junior Coil Leashes for dogs under 25 pounds come in red, blue, black, pink and orange.
Tufts allows people to walk dogs through its sprawling hay field, as long as the dogs are registered and leashed.
Lively, 22, was happy to play alongside Hollywood veterans Julianne Moore, Robin Wright and Maria Bello, but the one scene where she was leashed up in her underwear under the direction of a dominatrix, left her wondering.
Wilson wants the city to ban aggressive dogs from parks, even if leashed, and to put up signs warning dog owners of that and giving telephone numbers for citizens to report problem dogs.
content, please keep all ages leashed or confined and the ultimate price seemed comparatively halfhearted--suggestions of images suggesting ideas.