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Poynton said the new leashed dogs ordinance will need community input and village board discussion before it can go into effect.
Hof advises for leashed and unleashed dogs to practice the occasional recall, reinforcing prompt responses generously.
"For older adults, especially those living alone and with decreased bone mineral density, the risks associated with walking leashed dogs merit consideration.
Always look ahead and around to avoid spraying sprinklers, lawns sprayed with chemicals, leashed or loose dogs and other potential hazards.
Worcester's dog ordinance specifies that a dog must be leashed when it is not on its owner's property, and that only registered service dogs are allowed in city parks.
I hope the irresponsible owners concerned will keep their dogs leashed and muzzled now, as next time the consequences could be far worse.
"We started going through our tackle box of research gear looking for something else." He finally leashed his rattlesnake by attaching fishing line to it with--bonus points to readers who saw this coming--that icon of invention: duct tape.
And the dogs were properly leashed. Knoller's defenders say that she did not intend to harm her neighbor, and should not have been found guilty of murder.
(Note: This is a "control" law; the dog does not have to be leashed, but must be under the owner's/custodian's immediate control.)
The fine is $500 and/or 30 days in jail for breaking the rules, including keeping pets leashed.
Lively, 22, was happy to play alongside Hollywood veterans Julianne Moore, Robin Wright and Maria Bello, but the one scene where she was leashed up in her underwear under the direction of a dominatrix, left her wondering.
Brenner said last summer there were some altercations on the trail between dogs that weren't leashed that resulted in injuries to some of the animals.