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The Plaza 10 leasing program is also focused on flexibility, allowing companies to lease space for various lengths of time without requiring long lease terms.
E[acute accent]-- Los Angeles County Capital Asset Leasing Corp.
According to the most recent Equipment Leasing Association survey of the Small Business Administration's State Small Business Contest winners, 86 percent lease equipment, for reasons that range from budgeting and establishing consistent cash flow to the ability to upgrade equipment more frequently.
McGrath, vice president of leasing and marketing, and Laurie W.
Oliver-Allen Technology Leasing offers flexible EHR lease programs that minimize up-front project costs and allow practices to finance 100 percent of the costs associated with a typical EHR project.
Steve Morrows, vice president of leasing with RFR Realty, Richard Farley, senior vice president, and David Panzirer, vice president, represented the landlord in the transactions.
Fair Market Rental" is defined under each Master Lease Agreement as the annual amount per annum that a willing tenant would pay, and a willing landlord would accept, at arm's length, for leasing of the leased properties (or, if applicable, any one or more, but less than all, of the leased properties) for the period of the term (including, without limitation, any extended terms) remaining from and after the date as of which the Fair Market Rental is being determined.
David Lebenstein, director of sales and leasing with Time Equities, and Arlene Wysong, senior managing.
Our Fortune 2000 customers are optimizing visibility and control of their corporate leasing obligations and commitments to quickly and easily compare lease vs.
Philip Wachtler, director of leasing and development with Tilles, served as an in house agent for the landlord;
ACS), the leader in online direct-to-consumer auto leasing, is now offering its online auto leasing service, www.
Carol McGuire, in house leasing director with Mack-Cali Realty, represented the landlord in.