least amount

See: minimum
References in classic literature ?
His chief object, to define the position with the least amount of disturbance possible, would not be attained by divorce either.
The longest running competition is the Mileage Challenge where teams compete to travel the farthest on the least amount of fuel.
The GM 180's new extruder screw is said to allow for over 20% more capacity while using the least amount of energy to convert waste material into a high-quality product with the least amount of degradation possible.
3 years--and they earn the least amount of credits (73) in doing so.
All of the homeowners, builders, and architects featured in this book were budget-conscious--attempting to build the houses for the least amount of money with the least amount of waste and the most efficiency.
5g a day - had lower chances of heart attacks and stroke than those who ate the least amount.
They had to get there in the least amount of time spending the least amount of money.
SMALL car owners lost the least amount of money in terms of depreciation in 2006, according to the latest research from Parker's Car Guides.
Seeking wealth transfer techniques that provide the most estate protection and least amount of taxes, many have found entities such as trusts and limited liability corporations to be attractive alternatives to standard wills--but they may not be aware of how assets held by these entities need to be insured.
Their proposal provided the greatest affordability in the residential component and required the least amount of subsidy.
Everything we do in Air Force acquisition is dedicated to getting an operational, suitable, effective, best-value and affordable product to the warfighter, in the least amount of time.
It is recommended that these drugs be used at the lowest effective dose for the least amount of time.