least part

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But Berg, smiling pleasantly, explained that if he did not know for certain how much Vera would have and did not receive at least part of the dowry in advance, he would have to break matters off.
Not the least part of their weary task was the fording of the numerous windings and branchings of the mountain rivers, all boisterous in their currents, and icy cold.
Thus it was with this poor man: however ignorant he was of religion and Christian knowledge, he found he had some to do with now more ignorant than himself, and that the least part of the instruction of his good father that now came to his mind was of use to him.
These things belong only to pronunciation, which is the least part of grammar," said Mrs.
The archers, trained by their woodland pastimes to the most effective use of the long-bow, shot, to use the appropriate phrase of the time, so ``wholly together,'' that no point at which a defender could show the least part of his person, escaped their cloth-yard shafts.
Swiftly Kim took up the money; but for all his training, he was Irish enough by birth to reckon silver the least part of any game.
If they's one thing I've learned solid since you an' me hit the road, Saxon, it is that work's the least part of life.
The fact that admiration for his learning mingled with Mattie's wonder at what he taught was not the least part of his pleasure.
On his way to see Sonia he had felt that all his hopes rested on her; he expected to be rid of at least part of his suffering, and now, when all her heart turned towards him, he suddenly felt that he was immeasurably unhappier than before.
That I am not Edward Rochester's bride is the least part of my woe," I alleged: "that I have wakened out of most glorious dreams, and found them all void and vain, is a horror I could bear and master; but that I must leave him decidedly, instantly, entirely, is intolerable.
Financial institutions based in Britain will lose so-called passporting rights allowing them to operate across the European Union unless post-Brexit Britain is at least part of the European Economic Area, ECB policymaker Jens Weidmann has said.
Summary: Discovery by team from University of Pennsylvania provides new evidence that at least part of Egypt may have escaped rule of Hyksos, invaders from what is now Syria.

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