least part

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I humbly, own a vast debt to him, not the least part of which is the perception that he is a model of ever so much more to be shunned than to be followed in literature.
Thus it was with this poor man: however ignorant he was of religion and Christian knowledge, he found he had some to do with now more ignorant than himself, and that the least part of the instruction of his good father that now came to his mind was of use to him.
These things belong only to pronunciation, which is the least part of grammar," said Mrs.
Summary: Discovery by team from University of Pennsylvania provides new evidence that at least part of Egypt may have escaped rule of Hyksos, invaders from what is now Syria.
If at least part of his contributions and merits are not mentions, that were always selflessly given in his rich and fulfilled life, where he lived and worked, he should have at least been left to rest in peace and not have his name be mentioned in different and most impossible contexts, far from the common sense, the truth and what is most important, from the minimum of culture and manners," Kondev says.
Nearly 59 million Americans went without health-insurance coverage for at least part of 2010, many of them with conditions or diseases that needed treatment, federal health officials said last week.
The developer and head of Fontainebleau Resorts, which runs the Vegas Fontainebleau project and the original Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, guaranteed at least part of the $200 million in debt on the retail part of the project.
The method is comprised of heating an animal skeletal material to a temperature of at least 1000[degrees]C to convert at least part of the calcium carbonate in the skeletal material to calcium oxide and produce a calcined product; contacting at least part of the calcined product with water to produce a particulate material containing calcium hydrate; dispersing the particulate material in a liquid carrier to produce a coating composition comprising the particulate material; and applying the coating composition to a metal surface to produce a protective coating thereon.
Engineers have warned the elderly couple from Lisburn, Co Antrim, that serious structural damage means at least part of their property will be demolished.
According to a September report by Families USA, almost 35% of Americans had no health care coverage for at least part of 2006-2007, up from about 30% in 1999-2000.
Jacques Chirac, the President of France, says he is determined to defend the role of French across Europe, and France thinks it has at least part of the answer: free French classes for E.
in case I decide at least part of this is unconstitutional,'' she said.