least quantity

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Explain that ingredient lists are written in order from greatest to least quantity.
The first ingredient in the list makes up the greatest amount of the product, the last ingredient is present in the least quantity.
The least quantity of antioxidant extraction was observed in almost all remaining solvents.
9kg) was orthopedic center while the least quantity was generated in the physiotherapy clinic.
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, the GTAB spokesman charged that majority of the schools even in the capital city of Quetta are either deprived of the academic books or the books provided there are in the least quantity than the requisite number.
Jointly with the airline s two major stake-owners pledges the government as well as KLM, with a stake of 49% -- the IFC s promise of 10% and the 1% involvement of KQ employees reaches the subscription figure to 60%, only 10% silent from the least quantity hinted by the airline.
In our researches, the best indicators of functional outcome (restoration of frontal balance, spine mobility and static power endurance of muscles of a back) are noticed at installation of unilateral design by the convex side of deformation (group 2), that might be explained by the least quantity of fixed vertebra.
The major ingredient of success for business firms in the year 2020 will be manufacturing products with the least quantity of natural resources," Cramer added.
In this study, on average, more DNA was recovered from T-shirts than from hosiery, with knee-highs yielding the least quantity of DNA.

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