leave empty

See: evacuate
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And, after waving the torch in the direction of the camera, the pair leave empty handed.
A BUNGLED bookmakers ram-raid saw burglars leave empty handed after ploughing their 4x4 through a shop front on Grand National weekend.
Don't leave empty packaging by the side of the bin 5.
Officers from Northumbria Police have received reports of a number of bogus callers who have been forced to leave empty handed thanks to residents' vigilance.
Andrew didn't leave empty handed, though; he walked away with some cash, too, winning best trick on the face wall.
Military crews drafted in to replace striking firefighters could leave empty buildings to burn, the Army warned yesterday.
GERS Planning facilitates well-implemented planning processes to help develop and allocate better initial assortments that anticipate consumer expectations to minimize markdowns and reduce the number of shoppers who leave empty handed.